Compatible with Windows® 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, 2003, and XP.

Manchu Script Creator 0.45 final The last update date: MAY 29, 2007

V0.45 final what's new

  1. -fix all the known spelling bugs.
  2. -Manchu script is displayed as soon as you input the roman letters.
  3. -change the software name to anaku Manchu Script Creator.

V0.43 what's new

  1. -fix the spelling bugs of k'a, h'a and g'a.

V0.43 what's new

  1. -fix the spelling bugs of k'a k'o g'a g'o h'a h'o mo mu go gu hu ku fu,fo,z~o z~u,dzo,dzu,ts'o,ts'u,ts'i and etc.
  2. -fix the spelling of letter k
  3. -implement some irregular words are implemented(thanks to sahalin): bukvn、bukvri 、KVKE、 nehv、 nehvji、 welhvme and etc.
  4. -The two forms of i please input i, ii respectively.

V0.42 what's new

  1. -fix the spelling of pv,bv.
  2. -fix the spelling of o,u when after letter n,s,x,l,c,y,r,t,d.
  3. -Add the file->new command.

V0.41 Beta what's new

  1. -check cafully the spelling of letters for transcrbing Chinese words:k',g',h',ts',ts'i,dz,ž,sy,cy,jy.
  2. -Add the letter x 's middle in the font.
  3. -Modify the manchu font.


Its not a gif picture but a rar archive. save it to your disk, rename it MSC_En.rar and then extract the files.
Manchu Script Creator 0.45 52KB
platform: windows XP/2000/Server/me/nt/98/95.
Rar archive contains:

Screen shot of MSC

Directions Please read it carefully

1- First copy manchu.ttf to your control panel' Fonts directory.
2- Input Manchu romanization text in the left view or open text file that contains Manchu romanization text.
3- Click the button"Convert Current document into Manchu script" or menu "Tools" -> "Romanization-> Manchu Script" command, the original Manchu script will be shown in the right view.
(tips: the button and menu command is enable only when the left view is active.
4- Manchu script is shown in the right view. When Manchu script image is larger than the view, scroll bars is added automatically.
5- Click the button "settings" or menu "tools"->"Settings..." command, you can customize the output Manchu script : size and words per column.
6- Click the button "Export to BMP file" or Menu "Tools"->"Export to BMP file", the generated Manchu script can be exported to BMP file.
(tips: the button and menu command is enable only when the right view is active.
7- The Romanization text obeys P.G. von Mollendorff's translation rules. In MSC you must follow this rules: input v for letter ū, x for letter š. The letters for transcribing Chinese words should be input as :k', g', h', ts', ts'i, dz, z, sy, cy, jy respectively (where z substitutes letter ž).
8- MSC could convert paragraphed text, and the text should strictly folow the conventions of English writing and no special characters should be included such as "return" and etc.
9- The letters shown in the left down view are the converted letters of the Times New Manchu Font, copy them to office tools such as WORD and then set their font with "Times New Manchu", They'll change to Manchu script.

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