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anaku comes from the manchu word "anakū",which means key in manchu language. We hope that the website will become a key to the learners of manchu language & script.

The website(http://www.anakv.org) strarted in november,2005, which is dedicated to the infomationization of manchu script. First we provided an original on-line Manchu script input tool known as "Manchu Script Creator", which was the rudiment of MSC you see now. Then anaku MSC software was developed for users' convenience.

On Nov 18,2006, anaku Manchu Script Typing was developed based on the technique of MSC for the training of typing manchu script. Now anaku MST is only available in simplified Chinese version.

On Jan 16,2007, anaku online billingual Manchu-Chinese and Manchu-Japanese lexicon was first released. The online lexicon is based on Manchu-Chinese lexicon edited by fengsengge and some others sources from internet.

Now we are interested in developing manchu script software such as manchu input mechod editor in unicode, manchu text-to-speech software and other softwares related to manchu script.

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