anaku Manchu Script Creator applied to cross-platform

It can be used in word processing softwares under UNIX, LINUX, MAC and WINDOWS operating system, provided the manchu font is installed properly.


1- input Romanized manchu in the upper textbox.

anaku rules- The Romanization text obeys P.G. von Mollendorff's translation rules. Input v for letter ū, x for letter š. The letters for transcribing Chinese words should be input as :k', g', h', ts', ts'i, dz, z, sy, cy, jy respectively (where z substitutes letter ž).

2- Copy the lower output text by clicking the button "copy" , then paste the text into word processing software and change font to "times new manchu " or "Man kangxi".

download manchu font

times new manchu

manchu kangxi (will be available soon)

Screen shot

screen shot of openOffice (red hat linux )


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